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Amazon E-Commerce Platform

Do you lack the resources and market experience to start a business on Amazon as a recent graduate or unemployed youngster? At PakistaniSellers, we have your back. We cater to young entrepreneurs like you with no market experience and no resources to start your own business on Amazon. Our company is proud to offer our services to fellow Pakistanis so they can start their own Amazon store and earn money from home even if they have no previous experience with the Amazon marketplace. PakistaniSellers is a Pakistan-based service where we provide a platform for young entrepreneurs in Pakistan where no prior Amazon marketplace experience is required. All you need is an internet connection and just a simple sign-up and we will take care of the rest. Listing, Posting, to name a few, are services which we offer. We will also take care of the inventory, customer service, tracking, shipping, and much much more. We will assign a manager to your account who will take care of all your Amazon problems without you needing to learn how to do it yourself. All the strict Amazon marketplace requirements will be fulfilled by us without you needing to worry about anything. The global online marketplace is a wonderful source of income for Pakistanis which is why our dream is to bring the global e-commerce market to Pakistan and what better way to do that than on Amazon. Over 197 million people use Amazon’s global marketplace every month, with a market value exceeding over 1.7 trillion dollars. Currently, Amazon generates twice as much revenue as compared to traditional marketplaces. Our goal is that we want Pakistan to be a part of that market so our economy can flourish with people that have the passion to prosper. Through completely free sign-up, quality support, and customer service, we ease the start-up and scaling process for dedicated and new entrepreneurs.