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PakistaniSellers need to work on two types of services; one that relies on your cooperation and one that is based on what we will do for you. Even though we will do all the heavy work, we still need some cooperation from you to make sure your store and products sell well.

Services that you will need to perform include:

  • Signing up on PakistaniSellers will be your first step
  • Marketing and Advertising of your products and store on social media will be the only cooperation we will need from you
  • Optimizing your product’s and store’s listing to ensure your items appear on the front page
  • Other than that, you don’t need to do anything so you can relax and earn money by staying at home

Services that we will perform for you include:

  • Creating your account on the Amazon marketplace
  • There will be a dedicated account manager assigned to your account who will help resolve your Amazon issues on the daily basis and report to you
  • To stock your store, we have over ten thousand in-stock items already available in our warehouses for you to choose from
  • Listings, postings, and similar services will be provided by us
  • As well as inventory and customer service, we also take care of many other Amazon related tasks for you
  • Customer service and quality control & support will also be provided by us
  • Dealing with strict Amazon marketplace guidelines to ensure your product and store keep on functioning
  • Your store and products will be available to purchase to all the countries around the world where Amazon is available, which includes over 100 countries, including the largest Amazon consumer countries such as the United States and Europe
  • The tracking and shipping of all those items around the world will also be our responsibility
  • Provide you with a platform where you can relax and easily earn money while staying at home

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